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Woman Recalls Physical Abuses, Arson at Former Church

Originally posted by "wildcard39" in Ex Pentecostal Forums

This will be my first time talking about the abuse we personally witness first-hand in (a local UPCI church*).

Most of the abuse that took place was destructive in nature, hurtful and some even physical and causing bodily harm to the party involved.

I know not all UPC churches are like this, thank God! But the one in Northern California is quite a big church, running around 300 most Sundays. And the pastor is a god to these people, what comes from his mouth is the word's of God! The people within the church are kept in fear, not a Sunday goes by without the usually Hell, message. "Repent, Be Baptized, Speak in tongues! Or your going to hell, give money to the church or go to hell, be in church or go to hell!" Over and over this went on and on.

Those were the mild abuse, the destructive abuse was saved for the people who were members. On many occasions during a service the pastor would call a bro or sis out, the pastor would go on about something they had done or didn't do. They were made to stand before the church family give details of there sin. If the pastor felt they were not truly sorry he order them out. This is where the excessive force comes to play. Many people within that church were physical picked up and carried out against there own will tossed into the parking lot, some were beat by there brother's using their fists, kicked. Women likewise were hauled into the back room, screamed at, spit upon, warned to stay out until they could obey the church rules.

Kids were also made to live in fear, told daily they were going to hell, if they get involved with worldly children. Worst yet, they be told "your going to be possessed demon filled!" And parents were told to beat their kids if they cried in church.

The church also lied many of time to the police who would show up to ask what happened. On one occasion the pastor had a few bro's burn down a barn on some land the church bought, this so-called land was paid for by the church followers. This was going to be where the new UPC church was to be built, the old church was falling apart. Instead the pastor went out bought his family all horse’s to put on this land. Anyway they burned this barn down, and the church and people within it lied, after the cops left the pastor got up in front of the church and laughed about it, and said God burned it, and the guilty party of men sat there laughing and shaking hands winking to each other. There is a lot more I could share, a lot more like how the pastor stole money from the saints to by new cars, toys, trips . But the fact is he still there, still playing god! They worship him. Evil.

See, I no longer feel sorry for UPCer, some really do like the power trips! Nor do I missed the music, programs, etc., most days I don't even think of them.

What I do miss are the people we called friends, who are still within the system. Now when I think of the UPC I see them as a real danger and threat something to avoid.

Their not about doing God's business, they are about hate! They taught me to hate anything and everything outside them.

I truly believe to obey God, when He said come out of her my people (Church System). Nor are we to look back, looking back causes us to stumble. One must keep their hands on the plow keep moving forward. Ever wonder why God said a plow? Plows are not easy to move, down right hard, likewise moving on from our (UPC) days can be like that burden of the plow.

My feeling now are to be nothing more then a lifeline to those who are no longer in the church. Until a person free themselves from the system you can't help them. Some really do love the chain of fear. I see them (UPC) as a lie now, nothing more, nothing less.

By the way they still have not built the other church. They still beg and demand for money for their "building fund" and the horses are still there. It's been years and years now, over 15 years.

*Name/location of congregation edited by webmaster

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