Other Religious / Philosophical Resources

People leaving Pentecostalism don't always stay within Christian faith systems.  Here are some other links for the spiritual traveler -- exploring other major spiritual and philosophical thought systems.

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Non-Christian Faiths

Judaism - the original Abrahamic faith, and the foundation for the later Christian and Islamic faith.
Orthodox Judaism
Conservative Judaism
Reform Judaism

Islam - the third major Abrahamic faith, founded by Muhammad, whom Muslims refer to as the last prophet.
Islamic Society of North America

Hinduism - an ancient religion from India, and the largest in that second most populous country.

Buddhism - also from India, a philosophical faith system founded by "The Buddha," or "Enlightened One."  Prevalent in most Asian nations, except its home -- India (where it was absorbed into Hinduism).

The Baha'i Faith

Other Philosophies

Humanism - American Humanist Association "a progressive lifestance . . . without supernaturalism . . ."

Atheism -

Atheist Alliance  An organization of independent religion-free groups (not affiliated with the "O'Hare" group).

LosingMyReligion.com  - A resourceful, and often hilarious, source of information for those leaving Christianity. Their motto: "Stay Home Sundays, Save 10%"

ExChristian.net   - Another site for former Christians of all sects. Extensive links, articles, testimonies, though a bit more raucous in tone than the above site.

Extian.orgA new website and list for former Christians.

Freedom from Religion Foundation - A national association of nontheists working to promote freethought.

Philosophy  -  Philosophy @ Academic Info.org - a resource exploring the rich heritage of philosophy on our culture.

Humanistic/Philosophical Essays

Architects of the Faith - the Religion of Moses and Paul - an essay hypothesizing the sociological motivations behind two of Judeo-Christianity's most important figures.




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