Welcome to the Resource page of AFP. We have assembled information that you -- the former Pentecostal (or soon to be) -- might find useful for your spiritual journey. Our resources include information about where we've come from, and information to assist you in fulfilling your current spiritual goals. Some of our resources are off-site -- use your browser back button to return to AFP.

The following essays, articles, and outside resources linked to this page are for educational and entertainment purposes only. They were chosen in the hopes of possibly eliciting interest from the ex-pentecostal and/or spiritual explorer, and should not - in any way - be construed as necessarily being the opinion of the  President, Founder, Directors of Association of Former Pentecostals or the Webmaster of this website, unless otherwise stated.

Criticisms of Pentecostalism This page has a list of off-site commentaries critical of the Pentecostal / Charismatic movements.  Criticisms include commentary on particular denominations within the movement, the movement at large, or particular personalities within the movements.

Essays & Experiences This page has a collection of essays of personal commentary and experiences by people affected by the Pentecostal / Charismatic denominations and congregations.  Some links may take you to off-site commentary.

History of Pentecostalism A list of off-site resources detailing the history of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements.

Resources for Spiritual Abuse & Recovery Information on counseling resources, as well as other informative sites on the topic of spiritual and religious-based abuse.

Christianity Resources and Church Links Resources for the Christian "pilgrim," including links to major Christian faiths and denominational websites.  This page is specially designed for the spiritual traveler wishing to remain within the greater Christian arena.

Other Religious / Philosophical Resources Resources investigating other major world faiths, philosophies and other thought systems.  This page explores systems for the spiritual traveler exploring outside of traditional Christianity.



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