"What's Wrong With Pentecostalism?"

Over the last 100+ years, the Pentecostal Movement and its offspring, the Charismatic Renewal, have changed Christianity in a magnitude not seen since the Protestant Reformation. Instead of modernizing an ancient faith system, these movements have actually been cancers that seem to threaten Christianity at its core.

The many denominations and congregations spawned by these movements remove the importance of the God's Grace in personal salvation, and promote personal works and spiritual perfection as the key to Heaven, or to abundant blessings. The Bible is reduced from a collection of works that once helped man understand God and His principles to a mysterious manual that must be interpreted continually by a minister with "revelation" knowledge, as if one were reading "tarot" cards.

This often creates anxiety and low self-esteem in the individual as the inference is made almost continuously that they aren't good enough, or that they'll never prosper if they don't obey the continual flow of new mandates and "revelations" by their spiritual leader. Many completely divorce themselves of independent thought, and become emotionally dependent on these "leaders" -- sometimes being unable to function socially without ministerial advice. Often, these dictatorial ministers take advantage of their followers, "fleecing" them frequently of their hard-earned wages for their own selfish purposes. These characteristics are not particular to any specific Pentecostal or Charismatic denomination or congregation, but are prevalent throughout the movement -- whether in an organized church, or an independent "non-denominational" church.

If this was once your experience, or if you are currently in a church such as this (and want out), you have found the right community!

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